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Lalique is a luxury French producer of jewellery, decorative items, interior design, perfumes, and art Best known for the production of artistic glass works, primarily using crystal since the mid-twentieth century. Lalique added perfumes to the range in 1992.

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From its founding until the 1900s-1910s, Lalique was one of France's foremost Art Nouveau jewellery designers. In the first two decades of the twentieth century, Lalique transitioned into one of the world's most renowned makers of artistic glass objects. During the first half of the twentieth century, Lalique produced perfume bottles, vases (about 300 designs), hood ornaments (30 designs), and decorative glass works, such as inkwells, bookends, and paperweights. Lalique also designed several interiors, incorporating copious amounts of glass.

Today Lalique is known as the ultimate symbol of French luxury...Lalique has five main categories: jewelry, decorative items, interior design, perfumes, and art.

With the creation of "Voyage De Parfumeur" Lalique unites the arts of fragrance and decoration and invites its admirers on an olfactory odyssey to a world of exclusive scents and stopovers.

Each scent highlights a raw material chosen from amongst the finest ingredients in perfumery and the most breathtaking locations. Join us as we proudly discover these stunning scents for the home.