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Porta Romana VLB20 Duck Feet Lamp

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Porta Romana VLB20 Duck Feet Lamp Porta Romana VLB20 Duck Feet Lamp Porta Romana VLB20 Duck Feet Lamp Porta Romana VLB20 Duck Feet Lamp
Porta Romana VLB20 Duck Feet Lamp Porta Romana VLB20 Duck Feet Lamp Porta Romana VLB20 Duck Feet Lamp Porta Romana VLB20 Duck Feet Lamp

This product is available only in person or by contacting us specifically by phone or email. Online Sales of this product are unauthorised.

Product description

Duck Feet Lamp by Porta Romana

Stock Code - VLB20

Colour - Decayed Gold / Decayed Silver

Recommended Shade: Dove Satin 14" Top Hat or why not opt for one of the super wonderful feather shades. 

Approx Dimensions:

Height: 530mm

With Shade: 870mm

Width: 330mm

With Shade: 356mm

Constructed From:

Cast Composite with decorative finish

Net Weight



356mm x 356mm x 368mm

Max Wattage


Flex and Switch

Twisted silk flex in brown (gold lamp) or silver (silver lamp) and with in line switch

Our View

This amazing lamp often wanders over to one of the front windows at Seymour's of Darlington and perches there for all the world to see! Wonderful when combined with either the Goose feather shade or the extra fluffy 12" osrich feather shade.

A characterful, fun and wonderfully inspiring lamp by Porta Romana that has won many an adoring glance. The only problem is that people keep hunting for this particular duck and when it decides to toddle over to our window area he becomes an object of high demand. We then find it hard to make sure he is always available to be sent to peoples homes straight away!

About Porta Romana

In 1988 Andrew and Sarah Hills founded Porta Romana, a UK based Atelier devoted to creating beautiful objects. In 20 years their ethic has never changed, and has led to the creation of a body of work drawing on the finest skills of glass blowing, metalworking, sculpting and furniture making


Porta Romana tackle the question of style by creating new and challenging designs. Their roots are embedded in a passion for the past, a love of materials and an instinct for shape and form. Their design ethos constantly evolves while remaining beyond fashion.


Porta Romana collaborate with some of the world's leading artisans to develop their ideas. An obsession with detail, proportion, and material ensure that the creative process is never short but always dynamic and rewarding. The finished pieces will have drawn on the talents of many individuals, to create a unique, hand crafted work of profound beauty.

Important Notes

Any Porta Romana products sold will be classed as special orders and will be non- returnable subject to our terms and conditions.

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