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Baobab Collection MASAAI SPIRIT

Amber Gris - Piment Bay

from £51.67

Baobab Collection MASAAI SPIRIT Baobab Collection MASAAI SPIRIT Baobab Collection MASAAI SPIRIT Baobab Collection MASAAI SPIRIT
Baobab Collection MASAAI SPIRIT Baobab Collection MASAAI SPIRIT Baobab Collection MASAAI SPIRIT Baobab Collection MASAAI SPIRIT

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Product description


Amber Gris - Piment Bay

You are viewing the Masaai Spirit candle from our stunning range of Baobab Collection candles. This candle features Red Wax with Amber Gris and Piment Bay Scents in a clear hand blown glass vase. 


For centuries the Masaai, a tribe native to Tanzania, have been wearing red as their traditional color. This nomadic tribe usually wears red capes, a color that is both a representation of the desert earth and the intense sun.


A balanced blend of spices, citrus, and woody notes, the delicate Masaai Spirit scent appropriately mirrors the simplicity and elegance of a truly unique culture.


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