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Mastro Raphael

Mastro Raphael is an artisan manufacturing company based in Spoleto, Umbria, the heart of Italy.

We think this company is a true Gem amongst our collection and we would recommend that every home, large or small, has at least a small amount of the Mastro Raphael luxury within.

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In the Italian workshop of Mastro Raphael, the thought is meditated and unconventional, like in the art of the Italian Bottega. The place where the ability to give value to experience is nurtured, in which time is a necessary ingredient to make truly unique products.

The ancient Italian tradition of house linen, with an exquisite feel and superior comfort which only an elevated ability to design textures and finishes can impress. Loving craftsmanship, like no other.

These products show perfectly why Italy is regarded as one of the finest homes of luxury linens. Mastro Raphael towels are hydrophilic, medium weight, never too heavy and super absorbent. Mastro Raphael linens are beautifully soft and exquisitely made to the finest of details.