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Producing an energy saving lamp that meets the strict contemporary standards for energy consumption and sustainability and simultaneously evokes the atmosphere of incandescent light bulbs; it took Nautic three years to achieve that goal. The result is striking. True quality products often exist without being noticed straight away. They do not shout, they blend in. Their honest design becomes timeless both in its longevity and in its lines. We have found in Nautic such a range of products. Authentic light fittings made out of pure brass, copper or cast iron with brass. The inspiration for this lighting is instantly recognisable as being from old ships and trains and from a bygone era of traditional craftsmanship. Simple, functional products that offer a contrast to the mass produced bright glitzy fittings mostly found today. The opposite of flashy, they delicately find their place. Works of art, but above all, atmospheric light sources that the darkness gratefully drinks from. Their "slick chic" represents magical logic. Whilst not forgetting the demands of today regarding finish and technical requirements, these lighting designs have been modified for contemporary use. Nautic lights are recognizable yet unpretentious objects. They are beautiful in their simplicity. "Nautics main objective is to be there without wanting to be seen, not to be pushy, but honest, not striking, but stylish. In short, as pure as the poetic sense of light" Trust us, these are the lights you have been looking for but until now, were unable to find....