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Sieger by Fürstenburg

The finest handcrafted Porcelain, designed and made in Germany.

“Our porcelain encourages people to linger. In family homes or exclusive hotels – wherever people want to enjoy the good life.” CHRISTIAN SIEGER

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Every single creation is developed over a period of months or sometimes years. Christian and Michael Sieger design sophisticated forms and patterns with an eye for the tiniest of details. 

The same attention to detail goes into the texture and feel of each piece. Extensive research on the history of a product and international habits often provides a crucial stimulus. Nowadays, who needs dishes that aren’t dishwasher-proof and can’t be used for a variety of occasions? Collections such as MY CHINA and SEVEN, in which every item can be combined and harmonised with every other, meet the needs of today and tomorrow. 

One of the guiding principles is to stretch the limits of possibility by demanding the seemingly impossible. The drive to achieve perfection and absolute harmony is evident throughout the entire design process. There is a constant focus on form and function. This process is aided by 3D prototypes, which are either printed digitally or made with lavish care in the in-house modelling workshop. The models are later also used as templates for Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG. 

The uncompromising insistence on using ultra-thin porcelain has proved a particular challenge, demanding the highest levels of craftsmanship. The manufacturer has been able to deliver this unparalleled fineness and precision by drawing on the expertise it has built up over its long history – 270 years to date. Whenever a solution isn’t immediately obvious, we work closely together to find an answer: with passion and openness to innovation