Worried about Duties if living in Europe? We've Covered Everything

As part of the Brexit "agreement" there is no longer free trade between the UK and Europe unless the goods are of preferential origin. 

However, although duties will be charged on any goods not of preferential origin, we are paying these duties as part of our commitment to you, our customers. Therefore if you are ordering from Seymour's Home, for delivery into Europe, there will be no further charges and your delivery will be DDP (delivered duties paid)

Orders to the rest of the World (outside of the UK and Europe) will continue to be supplied ex vat and delivered DAP (delivered at place). You may therefore be required to pay duties and tax locally.

You have qualified for vat free shopping

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Kymo is a producer of some of the most beautiful rugs we have ever seen, and we our proud to add them to our list of trusted partners. 

Kymo are a forward thinking rug company, constantly evolving and constantly exploring the boundaries of what has gone before. From their distinctive "mash ups" to their stunning plains and funky textures, Kymo is innovative, genuine, and simply great.