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Cath Kidston Strawberry

100% Cotton Percale

Cath Kidston Strawberry
Cath Kidston Strawberry
Cath Kidston Strawberry
Cath Kidston Strawberry
Cath Kidston Strawberry
Cath Kidston Strawberry Cath Kidston Strawberry Cath Kidston Strawberry Cath Kidston Strawberry Cath Kidston Strawberry

This product is no longer available.

Product description

The classic Strawberry print is one of Cath Kidston's most treasured and famous archive designs. Making a return for their Spring / Summer 2024 collection, rediscover timeless joy with the inviting bed set. Framed in a border of hand painted ribbons, that has taken inspiration from summer village fetes from past summers. This ditsy print combines heritage and modernity. The bed set is printed in a vintage and vibrant palettes of classic reds, pale pinks and soft greens. A delightful and cosy bed set from Cath Kidston, all printed on a 100% soft Cotton Percale. Complete your bed set with Cath Kidston accessories.

  • 100% Cotton Percale 
  • Duvet Cover Sizes: Single size to Super King size
  • Includes two pillowcases (one with a single)

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Cath Kidston Strawberry CLEARANCE Cath Kidston Strawberry 100% Cotton Percale
from £31.25 was £41.67