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Nkuku Ama Tall Mug (Set of 2)

Black Splatter


was £23.33

Summer Sale on all Nkuku ranges, 20% OFF

Nkuku Ama Tall Mug (Set of 2)
Nkuku Ama Tall Mug (Set of 2)
Nkuku Ama Tall Mug (Set of 2) Nkuku Ama Tall Mug (Set of 2)

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set of 2 mugs AM3101B2
was £23.33

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Product description

Black Splatter - what a great name for a colour!!#

These fab mugs are made by skilled artisans in Vietnam and have a smooth glaze finish and tactile quality.

Using a wealth of techniques some that are thousands of years old. The collections are painted and shaped by hand incorporating indigenous and contemporary influences.

Dishwasher Safe


width 8cm x depth 8cm x height 10cm

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