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Bodum Pilatus Double Wall Small 2 Piece Set

0.25l, 8oz


was £10.83

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Bodum Pilatus Double Wall Small 2 Piece Set Bodum Pilatus Double Wall Small 2 Piece Set Bodum Pilatus Double Wall Small 2 Piece Set
Bodum Pilatus Double Wall Small 2 Piece Set Bodum Pilatus Double Wall Small 2 Piece Set Bodum Pilatus Double Wall Small 2 Piece Set

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was £10.83

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Product description

Pilatus by Bodum

The glass with the curvy body

It felt like one of our most memorable Eureka moments when we first found Bodem Glasses.

Stunning to look at, multi purpose as great for hot drinks, cold drinks, and even ice cream, these glasses are all you will ever need, unparalleled in their versatility and simplicity.

The glasses are made from mouth-blown borosilicate glass, which is light and robust at the same time. It is also not only dishwasher safe, but it doesn't cloud - not even after years of dishwasher use. A truly transparent glass. 

At the bottom of the glass there is an intelligent silicone vent that equalises the air pressure between the glass walls

Your drink will look like a work of art inside one of these glasses, as if it is floating. Great looking as a glass of water but simply wow when you use colour or layers. How about your favourite fruit cocktail or coffee in three layers - milk, coffee and froth. Experiment by adding fruit or ice - every drink just looks fantastic in one of these glasses.


Use these glasses to serve boiling hot drinks without worry. The insulating quality of the double wall glass means that the outer glass with not become too hot to hold. Your hot drink will also stay hot for a longer period of time.

Use these glasses to serve ice cold drinks, they will stay colder for a longer period of time.

Yes you guessed it! They are also great for ice cream as well.

Then there's the other nice thing about these glasses - there is NO condensation water when you serve cold drinks. Therefore no messy rings on your table - so go on, use them without coasters.


capacity - 0.25 litres / 8 oz

packaging - gift boxed

material - Borosilicate glass

dishwasher safe - yes

microwave safe - yes

induction - no

ovenware - yes

freezer - yes

stackable - yes

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Pilates Double Wall Glass.mp4

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